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Pudding & Aoyama Sanpo - pack of 8

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An assortment of puddings and chocolate cakes made with a soy-milk base and no eggs.


Tofu pudding 92g x 2, black sesame pudding 92g x 2, aoyama sanpo (Chocolat) x 4

Alcohol use


Specific raw material

Egg, Wheat, Milk, Soybeans, Gelatin, Sesame

Best before

Pudding: 180 days, Aoyama Sanpo: 60 days

●Tofu Pudding/ Soy milk, vegetable oil, sugar, gelatin, agar, trehalose, gelling agent (processed starch, thickeing polysaccharide), emulsifier, flavor, magnesium chloride items
●Black sesame/Soy milk, sugar, vegetable oil, black sesami, skimmed milk owder, gelatin, agar, trehalose, gelling agent (thickening polysaccharide, processed starch), emulsifier, magnesium chloride items
●Aoyama Sanpo (chocolat) / sugar, egg, cacao mass, margarine, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, wheat flour, starch syrup, edible refined processing fat, emulsifier, flavor, antioxidant (VE), food color (annatto), (includes soybeans as a part of raw materials)

[Per Unit]


Salt equivalent:0.04mg


Aoyama Sanpo

Energy : Chocora - 215kcal, Milky white - 231kcal
Protein : Chocora - 3.4g, Milky white - 4.1g
Lipid : Chocora - 11.5g, Milky white - 15g
Carbohydrates : Chocora - 21g, Milky white - 19.8g
Salt equivalent : Chocora - 0.04mg, Milky white - 0.15mg

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